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First Entry

First of all , welcome to my LJ !

I used to have my LJ account when I was 10 but I did nothing with it. But I think I'll keep taking care of this one as a white daisy. I hope you like it anyway! I've got some stuffs to ramble tonight..

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This is my monster named 'Losty', I got him from Nightmare Before Christmas 's Myspace or you can visit the official site to create your Nightmare character.
If you dont know, my friends, Nightmare before Christmas is in theatre now! Everywhere in the world but here! Disney made it 3D and re-released it again! WB's shop in New York has been changed into Jack Skellington Theme for a number of months and now everyone in US or UK or even in Moscow is going to the cinema to watch my favourite film (since i was 5.. my uncle played it for hundred times and i closed my eyes for almost hundred times) and the millions of 3D glasses are being taken home as free souvenirs!!!!
I wanna cry.
I spend my days listening to New Nightmare Soundtrack ; Marilyn Manson's This is Halloween , Fiona Apple's Sally Songs and Fall Out Boy's What's this.
[if you dont know, Marilyn + Fiona + Fall Out Boy + Panic! @the Disco are added to new Nightmare's soundtrack..]


The Nightmare's doubledisc-Soundtrack will available tomorrow ; Oct24
Also the latest album of my dearest "My Chemical Romance"
---- The Black Parade ...
I've watched the music video and it's really ravishing..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I got to go now...
I hope you enjoy this frustrating entry..


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