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My Chemical Romance

Good night,
Close your wearly eyes.
Let the misery kiss you goodbye..

beautiful night, isn't it..
lovely moon on the lovely sky..
a young girl shall spend tonight crying
the ache in her heart makes me feel like dying



i  wanna shout as loud as i could,


no, seriously this time, i really meant it.
but it will mean nothing after the ending of November.

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I really miss MCR.
I cannot take it anymore, the feeling i hide.
It's my luck, isn't it?
'We've decided to discontinue MTV and VH1 from 1st Nov'
it did blow my mind..
I thought I would be able to admit it one day, though.
I thought it would be easier to stop the ONLY thing that kept me away from Goth.

Me: "Well, goths don't watch MTV"
Everyone: huh?? what about you? you do!
Me: "who tells you i'm goth?"
Everyone: we thought you were. 
i've been hiding my feeling for some time
just because of watching MTV.

well, it's my luck.
My lovely November - without MTV..
My lovely November - MCR is doing very well.
My lovely November - Evanescence is an Artist of The Month.
it's my luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

personally, i think the Black Parade is more acceptable than before...
More acceptable, Less screaming.. (it's the same, dontchathink?)
honestly, i feel a lil bit uncomfortable
but as far as their lyrics mean something, i still love them

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look at him, he's changed.
i'd like to say that i feel uncomfortable (again)
he's had his hair cut and dyed,
but he's the same fascinating Gerard.
i can sense that his eyes are the same ones..
i still love him and will love him forever.. i'm crying out for being his honeybunn!

I miss when people say 'who are they?'
but now, everyone seems to say 'Gerard is sooooo hawt!'
- -**   
perhaps it's MTV fault, MTV has made MCR  look like poseurs though they are gorgeous...

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